Event Management Tools for Engagement

Event management is an industry where many resources are available. Each one can differ from group development to new innovations such as technology in the industry. Technology revolutionized the event industry and energizes the events: Some events become movements.

Products, like https://content.doubledutch.me/event-industry-resources, to enhance events such as software are customizable, scalable, secure, reliable and best of all, engaging. The top two of these factors are engagement which make the events more fun to take part in and scaling which helps the group manage their time while saving them time. Another important goal is to showcase your brand’s personality as a top priority and event software will maximize the impact of your events.

Usage of the product which is also available in an app allows for data rich signals to be sent to your group, informing all of your marketing channels, to make the best decisions in behalf of them and leads to event optimization and accelerated business goals. Event users can analyze data and turn analytics into group discussion to empower, evangelize, energize, monetize, and maximize on their marketing spend. Two important phases in this cycle is the pre-event element which is to evangelize, otherwise known as the step where users promote relevant messages, content and insight. After, comes the during-event element which is energize where users transform passive attendees into active contributors. Further, the product allows users to share all the right information in one place and helps lead the right people that will contribute to the event.

Other convenient features are face to face meetings, interactive settings, private messaging, meeting scheduling, agendas, interactive maps, documents, automatic reminders for upcoming sessions, and the most innovative social tools. A strategy for success that can be paired with these tools is the live engagement funnel. This funnel allows event marketers to orchestrate events specifically to make more attendees engaged with their brand and their event.

The funnel takes information from events such as signals, categorizes it by level of engagement, and the result is targeted content that can facilitate smart connections that move more attendees down the tunnel. It has four major parts: live views(passive), live actions (active), live connections (engaged), and live meetings (energized). The stages that define each part of the tunnel begins at the passive stage and ends at the energized stage. It starts out with passive where attendees simply seek or browse content, then become active where attendees respond to in-app content by taking notes or responding to surveys, next they become more Engaged where attendees contribute insights to in-app activity and initiate conversations with each other and in the final stage they become energized where attendees attend live meeting and connect face to face, they are commonly deeply engaged and are likely to continue that engagement with your brand long after the event is over. To move down the funnel at an accelerated rate, encouraging higher levels of engagement is key.

There are three types of live engagement signals: low, medium and high. Low involves a like, check-in, bookmark and follow. Medium involves note taking, save document, request info, share document. Lastly, High involves join channel, take survey or poll, rate/review, comment, ask questions, post status update, send direct message, request meeting, accept meeting and uncover scanned leads. The final important concept: content is king (all types are important from offline to the most interactive).