Cutting Videos Using Movavi Video Editor

In the past if you wanted to ‘cut’ a video you’d have to actually use scissors to snip the film directly – but naturally that isn’t the case with digital videos. Instead, you can now use an editor to split your video into segments so that you can remove parts you don’t want, rearrange video footage, or extract short clips from a video.

Naturally to do any of that you first need to know how to actually cut your video, and one of the easiest ways to go about it is with Movavi Video Editor. It is a user-friendly video editor that will make it easy to cut video and do as you please with it.

If you’d like to try it out, launch Movavi Video Editor and click on the ‘Add Media Files’ button then select the video that you intend to cut. It will appear in the ‘Timeline’ section on the interface, and you can click on it there to select and start editing it.

In order to cut your video and split it at a specific point, you need to move the red marker along the ‘Timeline’ and to that point. Once the marker is positioned, you can then click on the ‘Split’ button in the row of icons above the ‘Timeline’ and Movavi Video Editor will cut the video.

If you want to isolate a segment that is in the middle of your video you’ll have to cut it twice – once at the beginning of the segment and once more at the end. In any case that’s really all that you need to do to cut your video using Movavi Video Editor.

After you’ve cut your video, Movavi Video Editor will allow you to manipulate the segment in several ways. To rearrange it you can drag it around in the ‘Timeline’, or you could right-click it and select ‘Delete’ if you want to remove it. Assuming you want to extract the segment and save it as a short clip, you can delete all the other parts of the video instead.

If and when you’re done click ‘Export’ to save your video, but before you do – try some of the other features in Movavi Video Editor. There are lots of different ways it can help to enhance your video, apply effects and filters, add audio tracks, merge clips together, and more.

Simply put cutting your video could just be the first step, and with the rest of the features in Movavi Video Editor you’ll be able to create impressive videos of your own. The sky is the limit really, and all you need to do is try it out and put it through the paces to get started.