Need a lot of daily data? Get a good recharge plan

The best data recharge plans come with daily data quotas that get refreshed every day, leaving you with a lot of data to use as you need.

Your mobile phone works really hard for you all day. You may periodically set it aside during the day, but it keeps your clock, notifications, apps and other functions running and ready for use whenever you want. It only stops temporarily or slows down when you run out of data and need to do a data recharge to restore normal speeds.

Do you have a good data recharge plan from your current service provider? More to the point, are you able to use as much data as you need, without having to recharge constantly or wait for data to be restored the next day?

How much data do you realistically need?

At first, you might not be aware of how much data you consume every day. It basically depends on how you use your phone, and for what purposes.

  • If you are a heavy user who needs the phone for communication, social interaction as well as daily professional work, then you might need up to 2 GB data per day, if not higher.
  • But your data needs are low if you only use your phone for basic functions like calling and texting, and occasional web browsing.
  • The most amount of data is taken up by video streaming, online gaming, file downloads and social media sites. If your phone usage tends heavily towards these, then you can easily consume up to 1 GB data per day, if not more.
  • Data is also consumed when apps are kept running the background. You can use less data if you close the app after use.

By and large, let’s assume that you are a moderate user who needs upwards of 1 GB of data per day on your prepaid plan. Why not try Airtel data recharge – you get 1.4 GB daily 3G or 4G data on each plan, plus other features.

Switch to Airtel prepaid recharge plans – A world of benefits await you

Here are Airtel’s latest data recharge plans:

* Rs 199: It is valid for 28 days, and offers unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), and 100 SMSs per day.

* Rs 399. This data recharge plan is valid for 70 days, with unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), and 100 SMSs per day.

* Rs 448: It is valid for 82 days, with unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), and 100 SMSs per day.

* Rs 509:This plan is valid for 90 days and offers unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), and 100 SMSs per day.

Besides, you get access to Airtel TV and Zee 5 film and TV apps absolutely free with the recharge of Rs 199! Get your hands on the best Airtel recharge plans today.

Google SEO Guide – Skills and Abilities of an Expert

A lot of companies today under the business industry are getting interested with the SEO or Search Engine Optimization because they believe that this will help in the growth and reputation of their company. Actually, an SEO plays a very import role in the business industry as well as in digital marketing because here, you have to set up a company website, containing pages that will be used for optimization. These pages will gain a rank and the Google will be the one to determine their place and that is through SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. If your page earned a higher rank, then a higher chance of increasing traffic to your website.

Now, your concern is on how you are going to find an SEO expert or a company that can really focus on your company web site’s ranking. I know that you can find a lot of companies out there and they are all aware about this strategy. But, you need to hire an expert, who is competent enough to do the task. In fact, one of the companies that you may rely on is the Viva Traffic. Why don’t you check them online and see what services they offer?

As a company owner and just starting to plan about implementing SEO, you have a lot of things to consider when hiring an SEO expert. So, how will you choose this specialist? What skills and abilities must you look for that an expert should possess?

Technical SEO skills

If you are a specialist, then you must be an expert and have relevant technical skills. You are not only required to have full understanding of the technical skills, but you must also have experience in HTML codes, tags and programming as well because these are very important when building the web site or pages.

An aspiring candidate for an SEO position must be well versed in HTML because this component is essential in developing, designing and creating a web site that would work best for marketing purposes. You will have to make sure that this page will meet certain contents for Google to understand that this is for SEO and needs ranking.

Knows about SEO Tools

Your job will not end after setting up the company web site. Let’s say that you have it ready for SEO purposes, right? But, you also need to monitor and check the performance of this site.

You can do this by using tools for online business solutions, such as Google Analytics. This tool will help in analyzing and monitoring traffic on your web site. You may click this to start using the Google Analytics tool, but make sure to sign up first and follow the steps provided.

With Futuristic and Strategic skills

Aside from your SEO knowledge and skills, you must also have the ability to observe the situation and provide possible solutions to this. The company, who is in the business industry will surely set the number of target viewers …

Choosing an SEO services provider in Memphis

In order to be a successful business manager nowadays, there are many things which should be considered. And in most of the cases, they are linked with each person’s capability to think over investing into a smarter solution that will be provided in order to make the things a lot easier for the people around. But however, when it comes to this, besides investing into an IT company, you must work over providing new ways and solution for dealing with the problems, or even more, finding another way to bring traffic or visitors which will be of a great benefit for you as a company. Along this article we will help you choose the best company that can provide you an optimization such as this one, located in Memphis, which will help you choose a team of professionals that will be located near you, and by that, can provide you a good optimization due to the fact that they will be familiar with the target group that should be reached. Finding a Memphis SEO agency isn’t supposed to be a hard task, but in order to locate the best one, you must look forward being able to evaluate a certain company, in order to be sure that they will be able to provide you a good service.

How does it work?

But since the search engines today are made to work as an artificial intelligence made in an almost perfect way, any search will be optimized and by that, the company that will pop up as a first one once the search key is being pressed will be the one that will be able to earn all the traffic and the new customers if it is a matter of a business, which means is a scientifically proven thing. And if you are willing to learn more over the importance of being the first option when someone hits the search key, you should click here. It means that by inserting some keywords along a certain blogpost, an optimization can be made in a way that by finding the most used and the right ones, your blog or webpage will pop up as the best one, and once it will be among the first top pages, everyone will click on it and find out more by reading your posts, or looking through your experience as a company in order to provide a good marketing for your business. But however, you must be aware that besides the fact that nowadays there are many options available when it comes to this, meaning that you can look through a free online SEO course, the most important things won’t be learned as easy as you think, and it is why you are going to need a team of professional dedicated enough to complete the job without any further problems.

Choose a company online

Since it is a matter of a company that is supposed to be able to provide you a good search engine optimization, …

The guide to perfect Document Management Software

For any business to run smoothly and successfully, record keeping is mandatory. What sets most businesses apart is the quality of record keeping. Keeping records is important for future referencing as well as for the profit analysis process among other reasons.

Traditionally, the only available method of record keeping was using papers and a paper filing system. However, with the continuous advancement in terms of technology, better methods have come up. Currently, most organizations, especially those that are big in terms of operation use the electronic filing system. This system has not only proven to be easy and efficient but also makes it easy to access the records even after a long time as opposed to the traditional methods. The system also guarantees that the records do not get lost and are kept in the right order at any time.

Maintaining such a digital organization requires a Document Management system. By definition, DMS is basically a scheme that is used to keep track of, manage and store documents in a digital way. An efficient DMS comprises of the following;

  • Storage; this involves the location that the documents will be stored, the amount of time they are to be stored on that location and the option of their destruction or relocation as well as maintenance.
  • Indexing; this is a system that keeps track of the documents. Each document has a unique identifying feature that allows it to be tracked and located.
  • Metadata; this part of the system keeps a record of the date the data was stored, time and the identity of the user who stored the data.
  • Capture; this one applies for documents that are in the form of images or documents that require scanning. It also allows the conversion of digital images into readable texts.
  • Distribution; a DMS can be used to create an electronic link to an original document that can be distributed in place of the original document which stays put.
  • Security; security is vital for data storage.
  • Retrieval; retrieval can be done by specifying the feature that sets the required data apart from the rest like the file name and date.
  • Validation; this one comprises rules that make it possible to check for failures in the documents. Such failures include missing signatures and misspelled names, as well as wrong time stamps.

There are also the components of dissemination, incorporation, workflow, collaboration searching and versioning as well as hard copy reproduction that are all part of the Document Management Software system.


As easy and effective as digital filling systems may appear to be, they take a lot of work. Organizing the data, ensuring that the records are kept in the right location and maintaining the data takes work and expertise. Many institutions have unique ways of keeping their records all on a digital platform. The filling methods differ in terms of software and technique. For this reason, each has its own Document Management Software that is different but related in some way in terms …

Benefits of Health Care Provider Software to Employees

Many employers, in modern day and age, appreciate the extent to which various workplace benefits contribute significantly to employee motivation and ultimate productivity. Healthcare benefits are particularly essential in ensuring employees’ safety and security in the workplace. Technological advancements have encouraged the development of software that aid in facilitating the provision of healthcare benefits to employees. Some of the benefits of such software have been outlined below.

Access to Information

Many at times, especially before the advent of modern software that facilitate health care benefits provision, employees could only make use of written information, some of which they could not understand and make sense out of. It led to employees being unable to make informed choices regarding their health plans and pay structures. Today, various software has allowed easy administration of employee benefit services.

Many of the health care provider software contain a range of information that are availed to employees depending on their specific needs. Such information is displayed in formats and languages understandable to them. With the use of such information including of the various options available to them, employees are able to make informed choices that improve their health. In the end, they are satisfied and gain confidence in the health benefits provided to them.

Easy Enrollment

The software are designed to allow the registration and enrollment of employees through a step-by-step procedure. It allows important information about employees to be keyed in, for future reference and log in purposes. As opposed to the paperwork procures which are prone to error and sometimes cumbersome, software also allows no errors in the process as employees are guided on how to enter data into the system.

Employee Data Safety and Confidentiality

In using health care provider software, there’s minimal chance that employee information can be lost during transfers or storage. They therefore ensure that such information is safe, secure and confidential, to the extent that only authorized persons can access his/her profile. Less time is spent in rectifying errors or tracking inaccuracies.

Employee Motivation for Better Health

Health care provider software also encourage healthy interactions through provided platforms. Such interactions are useful to employees in keeping them motivated to choose healthy lifestyles to improve their health. For instance, some platforms allow employees to set targets for themselves, track their progress and be able to win rewards, in the event that they meet their set targets. This acts as continuous encouragement towards making wise decisions and taking charge in the process of making the best out of their health benefits.


The integrated nature of health care provider software helps employees to take full advantage of the health care benefits from employers. Employees are motivated to take actions and make decisions that not only favor them pocket wise, but also steer them towards achieving their individual health goals. With the offer of valuable expertise, continuous flow of relevant information, data accuracy, information security and confidentiality and simplified enrollment, health care provider software is the way to go for both …

Getting Your Company in Order with Inventory Management Software

Technology has allowed people to get a better grip on what is making their company grow. If you have a website there is nothing worse for customers than making an attempt to order a product that is out of stock. This is often the quickest way for companies to lose business. If a customer is determined to buy a product that you do not have they are just going to check out another website. It doesn’t make sense for you to lose a customer so easy. Getting an inventory system is going to help you eliminate “out of stock” problems.

Replenishing Your Stock

There are businesses that practice JIT (Just In Time) Inventory, but you have to use an inventory tracking system to get a feel for what inventory is low. It is always important to know how your inventory is moving inside of our organization. There are going to be times where you have a surge in sales for certain times of the year. These are the times that you have to pay close attention to your inventory management software. That is going to be your best way to determine what times of year will require more re-ordering for certain products.

Better Customer Service With Trend Tracking

One of the best moves you can make is to track your inventory. This is always going to result in better customer service. When you know how to track your products you can look at the trends. You start to realize what products are not selling. You also get a clear understanding of the products that are selling very well. This gives you the ability to order more of what is selling and less of what is not selling. That is how you improve customer service. You become better at managing the things that are making revenue for your business. This is why businesses are turning to eTurns to improve inventory management. The business leaders want a system that is going to help them understand the trends that are taking place inside of your organization.

Increase Your Revenue

There is no doubt about it. You cannot sell inventory that you do not have. When you have customers that are trying to buy products from your business there is a loss in profits when you have no products to sell. This means that you can easily boost revenue when the products are already in place. The inventory software, from that perspective, makes your business run smoothly. When the inventory is not matching what the customers are demanding there are going to be some problems. This type of word-of-mouth about poor inventory management can spread. That will become the thing that can take down your business. There is no point in putting your business at risk. If you want your profits to grow must make sure that you have the inventory management software in place that will help you make better inventory purchasing decisions.…

Event Management Tools for Engagement

Event management is an industry where many resources are available. Each one can differ from group development to new innovations such as technology in the industry. Technology revolutionized the event industry and energizes the events: Some events become movements.

Products, like, to enhance events such as software are customizable, scalable, secure, reliable and best of all, engaging. The top two of these factors are engagement which make the events more fun to take part in and scaling which helps the group manage their time while saving them time. Another important goal is to showcase your brand’s personality as a top priority and event software will maximize the impact of your events.

Usage of the product which is also available in an app allows for data rich signals to be sent to your group, informing all of your marketing channels, to make the best decisions in behalf of them and leads to event optimization and accelerated business goals. Event users can analyze data and turn analytics into group discussion to empower, evangelize, energize, monetize, and maximize on their marketing spend. Two important phases in this cycle is the pre-event element which is to evangelize, otherwise known as the step where users promote relevant messages, content and insight. After, comes the during-event element which is energize where users transform passive attendees into active contributors. Further, the product allows users to share all the right information in one place and helps lead the right people that will contribute to the event.

Other convenient features are face to face meetings, interactive settings, private messaging, meeting scheduling, agendas, interactive maps, documents, automatic reminders for upcoming sessions, and the most innovative social tools. A strategy for success that can be paired with these tools is the live engagement funnel. This funnel allows event marketers to orchestrate events specifically to make more attendees engaged with their brand and their event.

The funnel takes information from events such as signals, categorizes it by level of engagement, and the result is targeted content that can facilitate smart connections that move more attendees down the tunnel. It has four major parts: live views(passive), live actions (active), live connections (engaged), and live meetings (energized). The stages that define each part of the tunnel begins at the passive stage and ends at the energized stage. It starts out with passive where attendees simply seek or browse content, then become active where attendees respond to in-app content by taking notes or responding to surveys, next they become more Engaged where attendees contribute insights to in-app activity and initiate conversations with each other and in the final stage they become energized where attendees attend live meeting and connect face to face, they are commonly deeply engaged and are likely to continue that engagement with your brand long after the event is over. To move down the funnel at an accelerated rate, encouraging higher levels of engagement is key.

There are three types of live engagement signals: low, medium and high. Low involves …

The Importance of Mileage Tracking for Independent Contractors

According to the LA Times, the number of independent contractors have significantly grown over the years to about 6.9 percent in the year of 2017. Independent contractors now have the largest amount of people working for the alternative work category. Many people prefer to work independently as opposed to the employee-employer relationship. There are much more benefits to working independently. You are able to control when you work, and you are able to control how much you work. You no longer have to depend on requesting for overtime if you need to make more money. As an independent contractor your earnings will depend on how much work you put in and how much business you have at the end of the night. Like any other self-employed position, there are its pros and cons. However, if you are currently working as a self-employed individual, it is imperative that you track every single mile you drive if you are using your own vehicle to make your earnings.

According to Brookings, there are more than 15.5 million workers in America who have already established alternative working arrangements. This means that other than their normal standard full time position working for an employer, then also have side jobs that allow them to make extra money. These positions may include: independent contractor work, on-call work, temp work, and workers hired by external firms. Since the invention of Uber, many people are opting to work on the side to earn some extra money. The great advantage of working for yourself is that you are able to work whenever you want, which many people can appreciate if they already have another job. In addition, if you need to earn more money, you are not on a restriction. As an independent contractor, you can earn as much as you want. However, you may be paying out of pocket for expenses, which is why it is critical to keep track of all your miles and anything you spend out of pocket for your job to be able to count them as tax deductions.

There has been many new creations of apps and devices that allow the self-employed to be able to carefully track their miles. Every time you perform any type of work for earning money, you must make sure to keep careful records. Tracking miles on your car is especially important because the deductions for taxes are significant. One easy app that you can try when tracking your miles for work can be found at: From here, you should be able to find out how you can easily download the app and get started.

Remember, keeping organized and keeping track of everything is key to being a successful independent contractor. Without records, you will not be able to truthfully claim miles for tax deductions, which will end up costing you money the end of the year for taxes. Overall, stay organized and always remember to track your miles and keep all your receipts with …

Why Most Accountants Like Using Payroll Software

A payroll system is crucial for any business with two or more employees. Most accountants look at the business or company’s payroll to know its financial stability. If you have several employees in your business, but you don’t have a sound payroll system, you aren’t complying with some federal and state laws. A one-write payroll system is suitable for businesses with fewer employees, but larger organizations and businesses would have to use payroll software for efficiency and accuracy purposes. Any accountant will have an easy time filing the tax returns of your business if you use payroll software. Payroll software simplifies your payments, and it also shows compliance with tax and legal requirements. With payroll software, it’s easy to:

Save time

Many businesses spend much time on federal taxes such as employment taxes. Some of them can spend about 80 hours on federal taxes. While you may assume that payroll calculations are easy, they have certain intricacies that require the input of a competent accountant. The calculation process becomes complex because of some aspects such as the benefits, overtime, and vacation leaves. Moreover, every payroll must meet all the requirements of the federal taxes. The payroll software for accountants optimizes and automates the payroll calculation process saving much of your time.

Optimize the process

Going through the payroll tasks over and over again can cause numerous human errors and also lead to boredom. The payroll software mitigates these problems and maintains accurate information. The payroll software would also keep and archive your data safe in the online database. This means the payroll software would help you retrieve your data and other login details if the computer breaks down. You only need to have login details to access any data you need from any other platform. Most accountants use the payroll software to estimate the expected payroll expenses. They also use it to calculate the likely salary increase and how it would affect various operations and activities of your business. This then helps the business owner to know the necessary adjustments to make.

Maintain crucial payroll details

Any lost payroll information may highly complicate the process. Every business must implement the local, state, and federal laws when paying its employees. Their deductions and compensation should also be included in their payrolls. With this information, an accountant would use payroll software to make the computation process as accurate as possible. With customized payroll modules, it’s easy to keep your payroll data safe. The payroll software helps the accountants to easily access the compiled data they need when auditing a company or business. The modern payroll software has features that help the accountants get the information they need on work requirements, benefit deductions, company’s policies, payment methods, and pay periods.

If you want to make your back-office tasks simpler, you need to install payroll software in your business. The payroll software makes it easier to access, store, and process your business data with only a few taps and clicks. Payroll accounting …

Starting a Business in Augusta, GA: Your Very Own Six-Figure Digital Marketing Agency Business

Starting your digital marketing agency is both fulfilling and confusing. You don’t find a lot of resource material to show you how you can successfully do it. It is either you get old advice, or you read a post with no deeper meaning or useless. Sometimes, it can be frustrating. If you don’t have a lot of patience, you’ll not stay long in this business. But because in today’s world, where almost everything has been researched, finding in-depth, actionable content is not that hard. In this article alone, we will give you steps on how to start digital marketing and be one of the top companies in this field. The road from zero to six-figure digit income is not impossible, it is achievable.

Let’s face the fact that there is no easy way to make a successful Internet marketing company. This article won’t spoon feed you with details on how to be successful. Instead, it is a step-by-step process on how to do it your way. Clients need a little of your magic touch to turn their dying business into an income generating business.

Be positive

It sounds cheesy, but feeling good about yourself is the first step in building a successful empire. Let me explain this, the road to success is long, tough and hard. Creating a successful business is not child’s play. There is no overnight success, no shortcuts, no hoping and no hitting the pot of gold in one swing. It’s pure hard work, blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights. But you have to stay positive despite all these negativities. When you are starting your agency, you need to have a vision and know where you want to go, what you want to achieve. Keep the positivity as long as possible. Just think of all the failures as your stepping stone to achieve the success that you are looking for. For example, in Augusta, GA, marketing consultant is not a popular profession. If you want to be a pioneer of Internet marketing in that area, you need to be positive, because businesses in Augusta, GA don’t have a clue on what digital marketing can do to their businesses. They think it is just a waste of time and money. You have to explain to them the advantages of incorporating it into their business. If you let negativity takes over, you can’t win over people.

Set your goals

For your business to grow, you need to establish a clear goal on where you want it to be in the next few years. Just like playing Soccer, it is hard to score if there is no goal. The fact that you are starting a marketing agency suggests that one of your goals is to earn money. You want your business to hit a million in sales. But I know money is not your only motivation. Other things excite you other than the dollars that drives you to move forward. You should look at your goals as aspirations instead of …