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5 Nights at Mega Parking

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Enjoy at the Comfort of your Home !

Park your car carefully or Freddy’s gang will get you. 5 Nights at Mega Parking is a parking game with a clever twist of having the Five Nights at Freddy’s Gang watch your every move. Skillfully drive and pass through the check points and park your car properly to earn cash.

Controls of the Game

Mouse – Navigate

Left Mouse Button – Interact

Arrow Keys Left/Right – Steer the Wheel Left/ Right

Arrow Key Up – Accelerate

Arrow Key Down – Decelerate/ Reverse

Space – Break

Tips and Tricks to Play 5 Nights at Mega Parking

Dodge the obstacles

Manage to park your vehicle

Follow the light it'll be easier to clear the stages

game review

What happens at night when the pizzeria is still open and people are still coming? Well a problem of where to park occurs of course. 5 Nights at Mega Parking is simple car parking game with the popular FNAF theme. In this game, your goal is to follow the checkpoints and park your car in a proper and quick manner without damaging it too much. Make cash by doing a great job, and buy new vehicles with the cash you earned.